Our Team

 Human resources are the real strength and the cornerstone of the company due to unite and a shared vision among them as well as the existence of Fidelity for their work and sincerity for the company; that vision makes the needs and requirements of the customer in our priorities. Thus, we have taken care for our administrative and technical staff to be in high level of expertise as well as to introduce the spirit of distinctive ambitious youth that helps for continuity and vitality in the work. Also, the company's technical and administrative staffs are supported with continuous training courses that help to develop their professional level and have access to the latest updates in the area of engineering consultancy including new technologies, devices and programs. The company follows an incentive policy for talented staff and honoring them in order to urge them for more giving and progress taking into consideration that we have taken care to hire from various nationalities which contribute to the diversity of ideas and more innovation. And thanks to God, the company has a big staff of engineers and technicians in the following majors: 
• Architectural Engineering 
• Civil Engineering
 • Planning Engineering 
• Mechanical Engineering 
• Electrical Engineering 
• Surveying Engineering
 • Geographic Information Systems 
• Road and Transportation Engineering 
• Traffic Engineering 
• Environmental Engineering
 • Site Coordination
 • Interior Design (Decoration)