About us

AlQotr Company Consulting Engineers was founded in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, the company aims to support the construction boom growing in Saudi Arabia and provide better services in all areas of engineering studies and designs and oversee the implementation of all types of projects through the introduction of a distinct technical staff and the use of modern software techniques, which had a the prominent role of Tohelina to do many of the diverse projects with a number of government ministries and private entities in various parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been achieved at the highest level and in a short period.

Our Vision & Policy:

 Our ambition in Al Qotr Consulting Engineering Company is to reach to the highest degree of professionalism in our field and making a qualitative shift in the concept of engineering design and consultative work to be one of the strongest competitors in delivering the Kingdom's projects to a level compete with the developed world according to the latest quality standards of engineering. We look to the future with ambition and at the same time we work for it in order to achieve our goals for both the near and long term. And the company is following advanced policy that keep in touch with the increasing development. We always seek for excellence and innovation in our work, relying on a strong administrative structure and professional technical staff, as well as applying a policy of continuous training, incentive and assessment of our staff which helps us to move forward toward accomplishment of a series of target goals.